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Do you want to wake up someone remotely to keep them on time? You are worried about calling people to give them a reminder? Well, there is one app for all of that. And it’s totally crazy!

One reminder app for all your needs

Galarm is a reminder app with alarm that gives you the power to set reminders for your partner or roommates for tasks like pick up the groceries, walk the dog or take medicine. Some of the features that makes this app really interesting are:

  • Send alarms with notes attached
  • Create personal reminders and group reminders
  • Chat with alarm participants
  • Choose your own music…

time management with reminder app Galarm
time management with reminder app Galarm

A major source of stress for many is the constant feeling that there is never enough time. In response, many of us switch to time management. We try to squeeze hour-long meetings into half-hour sprints by being more efficient. And yet, time management often increases the stress we face instead of reducing it. As we become more efficient, we make room for even more tasks and feel even more pressure.

The move to remote work during the Covid-19 pandemic illustrates the paradox of time management. More than half of remote workers report that they are more productive. …

What is the Pomodoro Technique?

The Pomodoro Technique is a popular time-management method invented by Italian Francesco Cirillo. Cirillo was struggling to focus on his studies and complete assignments. Feeling overwhelmed, he asked himself to commit to just 10 minutes of focused study at a time. Encouraged by the challenge, he found a tomato (“pomodoro” in Italian) shaped kitchen timer, and the Pomodoro technique was born.

How to adopt Pomodoro with Galarm?

Believers will say that the Pomodoro Technique is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Now it’s time to put the method into action. Here’s how to plan your pomodoros with Galarm:

Step 1: Set a 25 minute alarm in…

Arrange or love marriage? Love is something, which defeats everything and makes a tough time even more beautiful when you have your partner beside you.

Shot By CineLove Productions

“They knew it. Time, distance, nothing could separate them. Because they knew. It was right. It was real.”

- Annie (Ryan)

We had the shortest time to plan our wedding but within a couple of weeks, we had finalized our wedding to be on the 7th of May at the The Imperial Hotel Delhi, until the second wave of coronavirus came upon us all.

Delhi declared a lockdown amidst second wave of coronavirus. The lockdown…

If you’re getting ready to go back to school or just starting college, now is the time to get organized and make life easier, and more fun. Whether you want help with waking up on time, remembering project deadlines, managing group projects, planning outings with friends, you would like one single alarm/reminder app that could do all of this.

As a student, here are a few unique things that should be considered in an alarm/reminder app to help you fill the gap:

Loud & Custom Alarm Ringtones

Not only a good selection of ringtones, but also a system where it automatically plays a random ringtone…

Throughout the years, great thinkers from Charles Darwin to Michael Jordan (yes, that Michael Jordan), have spoken eloquently of the virtues of teamwork. Even Steve Jobs, once saidGreat things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.

Despite this lofty rhetoric, however, start-ups and entrepreneurs have been dealing with a challenge of managing a mobile workforce. Remote business teams often struggle from a lack of communication. All of this begs the question:

What if there was a way for remote teams to work together more efficiently?

To keep all team members in…

Every idea, no matter how grand, starts in the mind of a single person. And most businesses, no matter how large, started out the same way.

It is very crucial for a small business to grow cost-effectively while remaining lean. They usually don’t have tons of budget or a whole lot of employees. This is one of the reason why small businesses embrace flexible work arrangements. With technology tool like Galarm, small businesses can communicate and collaborate more effectively.

For small teams with big ambitions, the first step towards growth is identifying the right tool to implement changes and get…

One of the advantages of Galarm is its flexibility to create and schedule repeating alarms. For instance, If you wish to remind yourself to do an important task every Thursday at a particular time for 2 months, you might remember to do it once without a trigger but later you’ll find it hard to remember. For tasks like these, Galarm, a reminder app with alarm, gets you covered. Simply, create the custom alarm once, set it to ring as you want and then forget about it. Galarm will make the reminder pop-up when you need it.

Create and Customize Repeating Events

Repeating events save time…

Caring for a loved one is known to be incredibly difficult. Not many of us have been trained to be caregivers. Yet, in a way, we all become caregivers at some point in our lives. Caregiving is a normal part of life often triggered by major event like Stroke, Heart Attack, Alzheimer or Dementia. There is no right or wrong way of doing it but use of technology can make the journey a little easy. It’s tough for family caregivers to keep track of all the medications. Here are five tips to help them keep track of the medications:

1. Make a List of Medications


Best app for elders taking medication. A medication reminder app that help your elders not forget their doses
Best app for elders taking medication. A medication reminder app that help your elders not forget their doses

How do I make sure my parents remember to take their medication on time? How can I help my elderly parents with their healthcare regime living miles away? These are the questions that can keep you up at night. With increasing age, the health issues of our parents and the number of medications prescribed by their doctors also increase. Research shows that about 25% seniors take between 10–19 pills every day and more than half of seniors take at least 5 different prescriptions. Watching your parents go off their medications is disturbing and therefore we look for ways to support…

Galarm - Alarms and Reminders App

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