Best app for elders taking medication. A medication reminder app that help your elders not forget their doses

How do I make sure my parents remember to take their medication on time? How can I help my elderly parents with their healthcare regime living miles away? These are the questions that can keep you up at night. With increasing age, the health issues of our parents and the number of medications prescribed by their doctors also increase. Research shows that about 25% seniors take between 10–19 pills every day and more than half of seniors take at least 5 different prescriptions. Watching your parents go off their medications is disturbing and therefore we look for ways to support them to ensure that they are managing their prescriptions successfully. Galarm, a reminder app, brings you a bag full of solutions to all your problems.

Benefits of using Galarm for pill reminder

  1. Send reminders to your parent’s phone:

Eliminate the stress by using Galarm to send reminders to your parent’s phone with a single tap. If you are busy with work, school or young kids of your own but also want to help your parents manage their medications, then Galarm can help you make it happen without it feeling like an uphill battle.

2. Get notified incase your parent misses a dose:

There is constant fear of parent missing the reminder and not taking medication timely. To keep your stress levels down, Galarm notifies you after 5 minutes incase the parent doesn’t acknowledge the reminder so that you can contact them right away. Our mission for Galarm is to make it very difficult to miss a medication.

3. Keep track of medications:

It is exhausting to keep track of medications. Galarm not only reminds your parent to take their meds but also, at the end of the day/week/month, allow them to check if/when they missed a dose.

Galarm — A virtual caretaker

Life is easier with Galarm. It reminds you and your parents in a timely manner to keep everyone stress-free. No more forgetting medications. Simply set an alarm in Galarm.

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