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3 min readDec 11, 2020

One of the advantages of Galarm is its flexibility to create and schedule repeating alarms. For instance, If you wish to remind yourself to do an important task every Thursday at a particular time for 2 months, you might remember to do it once without a trigger but later you’ll find it hard to remember. For tasks like these, Galarm, a reminder app with alarm, gets you covered. Simply, create the custom alarm once, set it to ring as you want and then forget about it. Galarm will make the reminder pop-up when you need it.

Create and Customize Repeating Events

Repeating events save time and give you more efficiency. With the right customization options, you can make more events recurring on your preferred schedule. For any type of repetition you choose–daily, weekly, quarterly, monthly and yearly, Galarm will remind you of everything that is absolutely necessary to make your life easy.

Quick Daily Rituals

Reminders for simple daily rituals like meditation, workout, medicines help establish a solid morning routine. Start the day with a plan and stay focused with daily reminders, which means that not only you get more done in a shorter amount of time, you also produce higher-quality work.

Weekly reminders

Weekly reminders are great for a little nudge. Use them to remind yourself or others of weekly tasks like a publishing schedule, workshops, online classes and seminars, household chores or turning in timesheets. Now, you can jump into Mondays knowing what lies ahead.

Monthly checks and balances

At the end of the month, reminders to do things like payment for rent, credit cards etc can be automated in Galarm. The same goes for any task you need to do at the start of each month — simply set a reminder for the 1st of every month. To keep your channels up to date, you can set a monthly reminder to check important documents to stay informed.

Quarterly reminders to stay on the ball

For a once-a-quarter tasks such as subscriptions, filing taxes, school fees, doctor appointments, you can set a reminder in Galarm. Now, don’t struggle to remember events for future dates because Galarm will do it for you in the most efficient way.

Annual checkups

The start of a new year — or any time that coincides with a return after a short break — is a good time to do an annual cleanup and maintenance check. You can also set yearly reminders to celebrate the birthdays and anniversaries of your family members and friends. Better yet, set them a day or two beforehand so you don’t forget to get them a gift.

Remember these periodic checks to keep everything up to date. Whether it’s day to day or week to week, it’s the little things that help you organize and utilize your time in a more effective and productive way. Here’s to boosting your productivity using Galarm.

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Galarm - Alarms and Reminders App

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