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Galarm - Alarms and Reminders App
3 min readFeb 15, 2021


If you’re getting ready to go back to school or just starting college, now is the time to get organized and make life easier, and more fun. Whether you want help with waking up on time, remembering project deadlines, managing group projects, planning outings with friends, you would like one single alarm/reminder app that could do all of this.

As a student, here are a few unique things that should be considered in an alarm/reminder app to help you fill the gap:

Loud & Custom Alarm Ringtones

Not only a good selection of ringtones, but also a system where it automatically plays a random ringtone every day so that your brain doesn’t filter out the same ringtone over time. Also, gives you an option to make your favorite song as your alarm ringtone.

Have a Backup For Your Alarms

If you miss your alarm, then you need to have some backup so that you can be reminded and not miss something important. It could be any of the following:

  • Apart from configurable snooze options, would it not be nice that your parent or roommate get alerted in case you miss waking up, so that they can give you the nudge needed to wake up in time.
  • Of course, the app should be such that if you wake up on time and mark the alarm done, it should automatically disable the alarm for your intended backup.

Group alarm for study groups

If you are involved in group activity (like a study group or a common project), the alarm app should have an option to alert all group members so that you can start on time, if needed.

  • The alarm app should have a quick way to indicate if each member has responded to the alarm without calling or texting.

Alarm For Future Dates To Meet Deadlines

For several long duration/term projects, there are deadlines that need to be set when the projects are conceptualized. The alarm app should be able to:

Make Alarm Ring While Phone Is On Silent

The ability to rings alarms even when the phone is on silent/vibrate will help you get a good night’s sleep without being disturbed by other notifications that may come during the night.

One such app that helps you stay on top of things is Galarm. The Galarm app is any student’s best friend. If you struggle with staying on time or just want to get the most out of your day — it’s time to go back to school — with Galarm. It remembers all the important stuff for you so you do not miss anything.

There are several good reviews for the app as part of independent media reviews — Check out here.

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Galarm - Alarms and Reminders App

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