Growing a Small Business? How to Grow Smartly with Galarm?

Galarm - Alarms and Reminders App
2 min readDec 21, 2020


Every idea, no matter how grand, starts in the mind of a single person. And most businesses, no matter how large, started out the same way.

It is very crucial for a small business to grow cost-effectively while remaining lean. They usually don’t have tons of budget or a whole lot of employees. This is one of the reason why small businesses embrace flexible work arrangements. With technology tool like Galarm, small businesses can communicate and collaborate more effectively.

For small teams with big ambitions, the first step towards growth is identifying the right tool to implement changes and get things done at a faster pace.

For instance, consider a Salon manager who wants to streamline employee scheduling so that he/she can grow her small business in an effective fashion. This is where an app like Galarm can help her/him to get more organized with his team in many ways:

Schedule Monthly or Weekly Meetings

Reminders for monthly, weekly or quarterly meetings can be easily automated in Galarm. Simply set a group reminder with all your staff members. If you may want your staff to attend a conference or workshop, you can easily remind them using Galarm.

Streamline Employee Scheduling

Employee scheduling can be made easy with Galarm’s buddy alarm feature. The app gives you the power to set reminders as per client schedule in your staff’s phone with a single tap. Thus, you spend less time buried in paperwork and more time managing the salon to grow the business.

Easy Assignment of Tasks to Staff

To avoid the salon turning into a mess, a number of tasks have to be done on daily and weekly basis. Assign the task with Galarm’s buddy alarm accordingly to manage your team efficiently.

Using Galarm, the salon manger can see the engagement, satisfaction and productivity going up which in turn would help the business grow.

Using something like Galarm which let business managers to create a sort of shared organizational structure for the way that they manage staff, for the way that the workflows happen and for the way that they assign tasks, it basically helps them to maintain efficiencies and quality as well as accountability, so that when their team is growing and processes get more complex, the workflows actually remain, in some cases, ridiculously nimble.

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Galarm - Alarms and Reminders App

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