How to Manage Teams in Different Locations?

Throughout the years, great thinkers from Charles Darwin to Michael Jordan (yes, that Michael Jordan), have spoken eloquently of the virtues of teamwork. Even Steve Jobs, once saidGreat things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.

Despite this lofty rhetoric, however, start-ups and entrepreneurs have been dealing with a challenge of managing a mobile workforce. Remote business teams often struggle from a lack of communication. All of this begs the question:

What if there was a way for remote teams to work together more efficiently?

To keep all team members in loop, we’ve introduced many exciting features in Galarm. By changing the way remote teams interact, Galarm redefines how productive teams get things done.

In developing Galarm, we’ve identified the following pain points that are common to many teams. By addressing and resolving each of them, Galarm allows teams to work better together, and finally reach their full potential.

Better work-life blend

Galarm let’s team members stay connected while they are on the move. Here’s one example: When a manager needs to schedule a team meeting on short notice, he can simply create a group event and all the team members will be notified of the same. It all happens in the blink of an eye.

Remote work isn’t just about your individual productivity… you’ve got to figure out how to work together as a remote team.

With all your teammates on Galarm, you can make sure you and your team members remain connected and be efficient.

Addressing “Task Delegation”

If you think that task delegation is merely an intellectual exercise, think again; it actually has huge, real-world implications. We spend more time than required in delegating tasks.

If you’re managing a team, you probably spend a lot of time coordinating with your team members through on-the-fly conversations, text messages or phone calls. From figuring out who’s submitting the final reports to who’s tackling the presentation.

Galarm helps to tame this exponential growth by giving you a central location to schedule all your team meetings, delegate tasks, organise your day and even get the household chores done on time if you are stuck at office.

With Galarm’s buddy alarm you can easily assign task to your team members without spending more time than required on delegation.

Galarm makes teams operate at their most efficient and collaborative level. It can empower your team do its very best work and never miss a thing.

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