Organizing our lockdown wedding felt like a piece of cake with Galarm

Arrange or love marriage? Love is something, which defeats everything and makes a tough time even more beautiful when you have your partner beside you.

Shot By CineLove Productions

“They knew it. Time, distance, nothing could separate them. Because they knew. It was right. It was real.”

- Annie (Ryan)

We had the shortest time to plan our wedding but within a couple of weeks, we had finalized our wedding to be on the 7th of May at the The Imperial Hotel Delhi, until the second wave of coronavirus came upon us all.

Delhi declared a lockdown amidst second wave of coronavirus. The lockdown paused all our wedding plans indefinitely. Not knowing any way forward we sat confused and disappointed. We decided that the best way to kick start our new lives, is an intimate wedding, with our close families, following all possible safety guidelines. So we started planning it again.

With an overly enthusiastic group of family and friends along with a smart reminder app: Galarm, organizing it all felt like a piece of cake. A lockdown wedding is all we needed! Hence, #Somanyu preparations started in full swing!

Shot By CineLove Productions
Shot By CineLove Productions

Honestly, we wanted to do 3 to 4 events for 3 days but it felt like a complete waste in this time. Reducing the guests’ list from 100 guests to 30 guests seemed hard to come to terms with in the beginning but soon enough everyone realized that it’s the wedding that matters the most.

Shot By CineLove Productions

Since we had to coordinate with just 30 guests for all the rituals, we chose Galarm as our partner. The app’s group alarm and buddy alarm features were used extensively to manage the guests and events.

They say a pair of happy feet is all you need at Sangeet but in our case that wasn’t enough. Along with a pair of happy feet we needed a tool to coordinate dance sessions of our closed ones with the choreographer. We used Galarm’s buddy alarm feature to coordinate it all. All our virtual meetings with vendors, designers, stylist were managed using Galarm. Taking the advantage of the digital age, we also made arrangements for virtual wedding for our guests who could not attend the wedding. Using Galarm’s shareable alarm links, we made sure that everyone joined the celebrations through their laptop screens on time and shared the moments of joy and happiness with us.

Shot By CineLove Productions

With the support of over 80 people over zoom and our dear friends and family everything turned out to be just perfect. For all the upcoming couples wanting to get married in this time we would just like to say be brave and be loving and don’t forget to manage it all using Galarm. It all just works out in the end!




If you have something to accomplish we will help you. We publish tips & tricks to help you achieve more in less time. We are trusted by over one million people.

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Galarm - Alarms and Reminders App

Galarm - Alarms and Reminders App

If you have something to accomplish we will help you. We publish tips & tricks to help you achieve more in less time. We are trusted by over one million people.

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