Revolutionizing Alarms & Reminders with a Human Touch

Imagine an alarm that does more than just ring — it reaches out for human assistance when you don’t respond. That’s the vision that led to the creation of Galarm. As the founder of Galarm, I’d like to share a story that lies at the heart of our app’s journey.

Galarm is a free social alarm clock app with flexible repetition and collaboration features, enabling you to share alarms and reminders with your contacts. It’s available on iOS and Android, and its premium version comes with a browser interface as well.
Celebrating over 50 millions alarms set in the Galarm app now!

The Birth of Galarm: Beyond a Typical Alarm App

It all started with a simple, yet common problem: my kids missing their alarms, and constantly saying “Remind me if I forget”. Why just kids, though; we’ve all been there — sleeping through an alarm, forgetting to take medication, or missing a critical deadline.

That’s where the idea of a “human snooze” came into play. The concept was to create an alarm system that relies not only on notifications, sounds, and alerts but also on people. When I first conceptualized Galarm with friends-n-family, we envisioned an alarm that, if ignored, would notify someone you trust — a friend, a family member, or a colleague — to ensure the intended action is taken.

This idea transformed into Galarm, an app that intertwines the reliability of technology with the warmth of human connection.

It’s not just an app; it’s a community of people looking out for each other, making sure that when life gets too busy, there’s always technology to help you, and if that fails then someone to give you a nudge in the right direction.

The Story Behind Our Name: Embodying our vision of fostering collaboration and collective responsibility in managing time and tasks

As we explore the ethos of Galarm, let’s pause to unravel the story behind our name. The ‘G’ in Galarm stands for ‘Group’ — a nod to our unique feature of setting group alarms and reminders.

While our name starts with a ‘G’, don’t let it fool you into thinking we’re part of the another product family (well, not yet, anyway!). Galarm is part of Acintyo, Inc. an independent entity, thriving on innovation and community engagement, distinct from the ‘G-something’ names that you often see in other products.

The Story Behind Our Logo: Symbolizing Layers of Human Reliability

Have you ever wondered about the waves emanating from the alarm clock in our logo? They are more than just a design; they symbolize the essence of Galarm.

The alarm clock at the center represents the core functionality of our app — setting alarms. Surrounding it, the waves signify the multiple layers of reliability that Galarm offers. Each wave represents a layer of backup — reliable auto-snoozing, your friends, family, or colleagues who are there to ensure the alarm’s purpose is fulfilled.

Galarm is one app for all your to-dos. Create alarms for any date and time, using a wide variety of repetitions and powerful snooze options. Coordinate group activities by creating group alarms with all the participants, and alarms ring on everyone’s phone at the same time. You can also set alarms for friends and family to remind them of things they need to do, and get notified if they miss the reminder.
The Galarm App logo

This design embodies our commitment to not just alert you, but to connect you with your support network. It’s a reminder that behind every alarm, there’s a safety net of human connection, ensuring that if you don’t respond, someone you trust will be there to give you that extra nudge.

Celebrating Community and Innovation

As we reflect on our journey and celebrate reaching over 50 million alarms, it’s clear that Galarm has become more than just an app — it’s a support system, a reminder, and a safety net all rolled into one.

The milestone is a testament of your trust in us. And, it’s a reflection of how closely we listen to our user base (“thank you!”). Each feature, update, and improvement has been a direct response to your valuable feedback. The success isn’t just ours; it’s yours too.

Consistently Evolving: Powered by Your Reviews

Your insights, shared through more than 40,000 reviews across iOS and Android platforms, have been the catalyst for our constant evolution. With an average rating of 4.6, we see each review not just as an accolade, but as a responsibility to keep pushing boundaries.

We initially launched with three powerful alarm types and then based on your feedback added a quick reminder capability and also added a fourth alarm type. We also kept enhancing our innovative repetition patterns (like the first Saturday of every month, or every other day, or every 2 hours between 9 AM and 5 PM), and collaboration capabilities (with shareable links to alarms), as well as added a browser support for configuring alarms without getting distracted by going to your phone!

  1. Personal Alarm
  2. Group Alarm
  3. Buddy Alarm
  4. Instant Alert
  5. Quick Reminder

Enjoy Galarming in 2024: Crafted from Your Suggestions

In line with our commitment to grow with your needs, we are excited to unveil two new features that were born out of your suggestions:

Galarm app’s latest features were introduced based on user feedback — photos in alarm notes and free form, no deadline tasks and lists.
We can’t wait for you to try these new features and hear your thoughts!
  1. Alarm Notes Enhanced with Photos: You asked for more context to your alarms, and we listened. The new photo feature in alarm notes is our answer to your calls for more descriptive reminders. Attach images to your alarms — be it medication, shopping items, or exercise routines — and let these visual prompts enhance the effectiveness of your reminders.
  2. Flexible Task List: Many of you expressed the need for a more adaptable way to manage tasks. Hence, we’re introducing a task list feature without deadlines. This addition is all about flexibility, allowing you to note down tasks as they arise and tackle them at your own pace.

Your Voice: Our Blueprint for the Future

Your feedback is the cornerstone of Galarm. It’s your voice that shapes our roadmap and inspires us to innovate. As we step into a new year, we reaffirm our commitment to not just listening but actively responding to your needs.

The journey with Galarm is as much yours as it is ours. Let’s continue to revolutionize time management, stay connected, and make every moment count. We made it simple for you to communicate with us from inside the app itself (just use “Settings > Feedback”).

Thank you for being a part of our story. Here’s to more alarms, features, and achievements with you in 2024!

Join the Galarm Community: A Reminder Revolution Awaits!

As we continue to innovate and redefine what alarms can do, we invite you to experience Galarm for yourself. It’s more than just an app; it’s a community, a tool for better living, and a testament to the power of human connection in our digital world.

Why Choose Galarm? Whether it’s remembering to take medicine, not missing an important meeting, or just getting up on time, Galarm is here to ensure that every alarm you set is more than just a sound — it’s a reliable extension of you!

  • Ad-Free Experience: Enjoy an uninterrupted experience focused on your needs.
  • Mostly Free, with Premium Features: Access a plethora of innovative features for free, with the option to unlock even more premium capabilities.
  • Patented Technology: Benefit from unique, patented features that set Galarm apart in the world of reminder apps.

Download and Discover:

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Happy Galarming!



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