The Trap of Time Management

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2 min readJul 28, 2021


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A major source of stress for many is the constant feeling that there is never enough time. In response, many of us switch to time management. We try to squeeze hour-long meetings into half-hour sprints by being more efficient. And yet, time management often increases the stress we face instead of reducing it. As we become more efficient, we make room for even more tasks and feel even more pressure.

The move to remote work during the Covid-19 pandemic illustrates the paradox of time management. More than half of remote workers report that they are more productive. Despite such claims, data shows that average workday has increased by 30 minutes globally — the opposite of what we would expect with people using their time more productively.

Time management promises us that if we become more efficient, we can make space to accommodate all of our to-dos comfortably but freeing up an hour on your calendar is considered similar to announcing your capacity to jump on another project or take on an additional role.

This does not mean that time management has no value. Productivity is important. But we also need strategies for eliminating volume instead of simply accommodating it. This is how Galarm can help you to escape this trap.

Reduce the number of tasks you take on with Galarm

To reduce the pressure from task volume, think your tasks in terms of priorities not time. The challenge is that your calendar only shows the claims on your time that involve work with others. It doesn’t show claims on your time for asynchronous tasks that you perform entire day.

The solution is to Merge your calendar and to-do list with Galarm by blocking time on your calendar for each one of your to-dos. By getting a complete view of the commitments you’ve made, you can see your real capacity before you agree to take on more.

The solution isn’t to become more efficient to accommodate more tasks, more decisions, and more distractions, it is to simplify.

There are several good reviews for the app as part of independent media reviews — Check out here.

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